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Jericho Waterways Circular Ride Public

2011/08/13 12:23 - 12:47 / UK Oxford


Total distance: 7.54 km Trip time: 0:24'25 Average speed: 19.7 km/h
Ascending altitude: 22 m Descending altitude: 23 m Total calories: 108 kcal


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Jericho Waterways Circular Ride

  • UK・Oxford  2011/08/13 12:23 - 12:47
  • [Trip time] 0:24'25 [Total distance] 7.54km
    [Average speed] 19.7km/h [Ascending altitude] 22m [Descending altitude] 23m
    [Total calories] 108kcal
    [Tags] MTB, Riverside


Walton Street Cycles
( Male / UK )

Walton Street Cycles is a traditional independent bike shop which first opened in 1975, located in the heart of Jericho we are Oxford's bicycle specialists, our passion and expertise is in bikes. We built up our name and reputation over time by supplying only the best quality products and top level repairs.



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